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Every person has the potential to live a happy, fulfilled and meaningful life. In order to achieve this, each of us must overcome the barriers that prevent us from knowing ourselves, being ourselves and becoming our possibilities.

Emm... Knowing myself sounds easy but not easy to do that.
You're right, Vincent, learning to know yourself is difficult. It is also essential to living a happy, fulfilled and meaningful life.

"Know thyself," was the primary lesson Socrates taught. It is to know what you value, personally. It is to know your gifts, which includes your talents, your aptitudes and your interests. It is to know your passion.

I am currently writing a book with a working title, The Gift at Sanford Pond, which explores in greater depth, how to know yourself, be yourself and become your possibilities.

Vincent, I hope to be able to send you an autographed copy a year from now.
I hope can read that book soon!

Canada is far from China, which I am living, but maybe I can read that in pdf format.
I appreciate your interest in my book, Vincent, perhaps I can send you a pdf, once I've finished writing it and it is edited.

You live in Shanghai, correct? I visted Shanghai for two weeks in 1994 on business.

I am in the home building business in Canada. My partners and I looked into building North American style homes for the managers of the many international companies setting up new businesses in Pudong.

We had meetings with a Chinese company to discuss a joint venture. In the end, we decided we were too small a company to take on such a major project, especially since Chinese business and property laws didn't yet exist.

It was a good decision for us, our business has prospered here in Canada.
You have been to Shanghai once?

That's mazed me, I thought not many Western have visited China whom I can find just click the next blog button.

make decision sometimes hard...but what that matters?
the point is believe what you doing(or plan to doing) is right.
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