Tuesday, July 18, 2006


By Sharing

By sharing with friends, we enjoy prosperity more, and we endure difficulty more easily.


Never Be Lonely

Seek new friends and cherish old friends throughout life and you'll never be lonely.


The Brave

Everyone is talented; only the brave embark on the journey that developing their talent requires.



Why do we wish to be praised for a talent we do not posess; yet we ignore the praise we receive for the many talents we have?



When others don't repect us we are offended. Yet, few of us, in our deepest soul, respect ourselves.


Laughing is Good

The best way to make yourself laugh is to try to make someone else laugh. Laughing is good for both of you.



To repay your debt, increase your income or reduce your spending.



When you save you become free.



Debt makes slaves of the free.

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